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2007-10-20 17:01:58 by haloilove

I'm just working on a new project, my third time working with Flash.
Last time I was participating in the flash called SG: Origin of Shades Gang.
Seriously, does everybody think I'm a fag? No, I'm not. GET IT? U WERE WRONG!
The project's called 'Shades Gang: Halo 3' which is basically a Halo type of flash in which certain types of Shades Gang members will be included, and the rest of the people in the fla (Like most Marines) are not wearing shades. Now, you think I'm just lying. No, I'm not.
Stop thinking that I'll never make it to be known, at least I'm smart and giving advice for the SG to make flashes.
Well there's nothing more to say here.


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2008-01-16 15:25:56

do it! can i take part?


2008-01-29 06:35:35

lern 2 tween nub


2009-05-21 18:42:52

Hey Gold.

BaseballShades rulz